Roundup of news and ideas from the world of startups – Week ending 19th Jan 2020. News you can use GeekWire Podcast: Apple acquires; Microsoft’s bold climate plan; Seattle startup trivia Does This Facial Recognition Startup Put Everyone’s Privacy at Risk? Facial recognition had become a growing part of […]

Startup news roundup – Week ending 19th Jan 2020

In the past decade, startups have focused upending traditional business models by innovating in sharing economy and by enabling digital platform for gig workers. AirBnb created an entire online marketplace to enable small players to offer lodging, homestays and tourism experiences to visitors from around the world. Likewise, Uber, Lyft […]

Are Indian Gig and Sharing Economy startups losing their shine?

AI-powered horse monitoring tech, Magic​ ​AI​ announced that it is shutting down. The AI-powered horse monitoring tech startup ​was trying to apply advanced machine-learning to animals and humans, for non-verbal forms of data and communication. Magic​ ​AI was applying advanced machine-learning to video streams of living, breathing, moving animals. The company’s […]

AI-powered horse monitoring tech, Magic AI shuts down

Roundup of news and ideas from the world of startups – Week ending 5th Jan 2020. News you can use Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Programme calls for applications from African start-ups – The Tony Elumelu Foundation (TEF) has opened its portal for applications from African entrepreneurs across all African countries, for […]

Startup news roundup – Week ending 5th Jan 2020

The Austin, Texas based E-Scooters startup, Unicorn, recently announced that it is shutting down operations. Buyers who paid $699 for the company’s high-tech electric scooters are upset and unsure if they will receive a refund. As per media accounts, Unicorn is shutting down operations after blowing all its cash on […]

e-scooter startup Unicorn shuts down

LinkedIn is the most widely used social media platform for professional engagement. Individuals, consultants, headhunters and recruiters converge on the platform to seek out candidates, opportunities and productive business engagements. Recruitment and career consultants agree that an active networking and contact with a hiring manager or a business leader at […]

Here are top 10 faux-paux to avoid while engaging on ...