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  • 5 Reasons Startups Get Acquired — And How To Spot Them – Being able to spot a likely acquisition target involves a little corporate strategy, some financial accounting and an understanding of industry-specific supply and demand. Among the many reasons a startup might be acquired, these five stand out as the most common
  • Want To Join A Start-Up? Consider These Skills As A Necessity!   Startup companies today are using various innovative approaches to test the caliber of an employee during the interview process. Along with number of degrees, a lot of other skills are expected from the candidate to get placed in a startup firm: Creativity, Prophecy, Flexibility, Quick and Self-Learning (SiliconIndia)
  • ASK A FINANCIAL PLANNER: Is it worth taking a salary cut to get stock options at a hot startup? I’m in the process of considering a new career opportunity with a well-known privately held startup rumored to go public in the next year/year and a half. Part of the compensation package will include equity, or stock options. Based on preliminary conversation, the salary they may offer would be slightly lower than the going rate for this position (say 10 to 15% less), to be compensated by an equity offer (stock options or restricted stock). (BusinessInsider)
  • How To Build A Network Of Advisors For Your Startup – This past summer, my cofounder, Jinesh, and I were accepted into the Venture For America accelerator in order to go full-time on our company, Arthur. Beyond giving us an opportunity to go heads-down on our venture, the accelerator gave us access to the entire VFA network, whose board includes people like the CEO of LinkedIn, and a cofounder of Warby Parker. Despite the prominence of the network we had access to, we also found that one’s level of success had no bearing on whether he or she made a good advisor – in fact, hearing from entrepreneurs who had failed was equally as helpful as hearing from those who had made it big. What mattered more was their expertise on a specific area of our business, their willingness to engage with us, and their ability to offer tangible, actionable advice.(Forbes)
  • 5 Essential Traits That Investors Look For in Startup Founders – (

A Willingness to Break The Rules
The Ability to Pivot
Startup Founders Are Important And Unique
Necessary Experience
Good Team Relationships

  • Here Are All the Ways You Can Fund Your Startup (

Friends and family — equity and debt
Business loans
SBA loans
Line of credit
Using your own money — bootstrapping
Whole life insurance loan
Home equity loan
Personal loan
Credit cards (not recommended)

  • 6 Ways to Keep the Startup Momentum Going Strong (

1. Leadership – The tone of the organization always starts with the Founder/CEO.
2. Collaboration – Startups develop from a driven founder and some core employees.
3. Hiring – People are key.
4. Feedback – Be so open and transparent that it becomes painful.
5. Be Open to Change
6. Community  – As you grow consider that each department you create will develop its’ own culture over time.



  • What you need to know about startup boards (

Do I have to have a board of directors?
When do I need to start a board?
What should I do when starting a board?
Who else is on the board and why does it matter?
What does a board do?
Do I pay board members?