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MyDigitalStartup.net was founded in October 2016 with a simple mission: to be authoritative guide for digital Startups. We aim to publish unique, innovative articles and features of interest to our core audience entrepreneurs, startups, founders and anyone interested in digital technology trends.


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We are continually looking for unique digital startup stories. If wish to be featured and have a startup with a unique product/service offering in eCommerce, Web Analytics, AI or other Digital technologies, write to us at [email protected]

You may send formatted press-release with pictures and details:
* Startup Theme
* USP / Unique target market / Tag line
* Major competetors and how you are quinque
* Major clients if any
* Founder details
* Pictures of founders, products
* Stage of funding: Self-funded, early-stage, VC, Seed-capital … or seeking funding
* Other highlights