Pizza Delivery guy takes a slice from a box after customer refuses to Tip

The practice of Tipping service workers is quite prevalent in the US,  but continues to be hotly debated. How much do you tip a delivery girl or gal? Some even question the premise of tipping: Why even tip when the delivery service includes a service fee?

A video that has gone viral shows a pizza delivery guy taking a slice out of a box of Pizza after he was refused monetary tips.  

In the short youtube video recorded from a door-camera, one can clearly see a pizza delivery guy finding a sign that says, “No money for tip, please take a slice of pizza instead.” He then goes on to remove a mask and bite into a slice grabbed from the box.

The digirati on the web are divided over customer’s refusal to give a monetary. Some wondered why even order a pizza if you can’t afford a tip for the delivery guy.

Not all patrons are as frugal as the one in this story. Many delivery guys claim they are able to sustain themselves on such minimum wage jobs due to the tips they receive from generous patrons like these stories show

  • TikTok Captures Moment 89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Man Gets a $12K Tip – A Papa John’s pizza delivery man who became beloved by the internet received the tip of a lifetime this week. Derlin Newey, an 89-year-old delivery driver in Roy, Utah, won over the hearts of TikTok users after his joyful pizza deliveries were shared on the app. Together, viewers raised over $12,000 to tip the man for his kindness.
  • Alabama pizza delivery driver gets tip of a lifetime – In a story that’s sure to lift the spirits, a delivery driver for Hungry Howie’s Pizza in Mobile got the surprise of his life. After dropping off a pizza delivery, his customer gave him an envelope. Inside were two checks totaling more than $1,000.

And then there is a story of the Pizza Hut delivery man gifted with new car as tip from loyal customers

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