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This week we feature,, India’s first tribute portal. helps digerati re-live the lives of ancestors and departed loved ones. On the portal, one can upload, store, publish and share biographies in 24 Indian languages. One can also review family tree, videos, photos and visitors can post condolence messages and receive death and birth anniversary reminders.


Technology to deliver the lowest latency streaming experience available at 60 FPS in HD resolutions

Whether it’s a computer rented from Parsec in the cloud, a gaming PC built at home, a pre-built, or a friend’s gaming PC, Parsec believes that gamers should be able to access a gaming PC from anywhere at any moment. This makes PC gaming more accessible and lets you share your love for gaming easily with friends. Parsec enables consumers with the technology and software to connect seamlessly with the lowest possible latency available.

Latency can add to lag time in video stream, that takes a cloud gaming experience from awesome to unplayable. The team adds “We have gone to the lowest level of each implementation to build from the ground up. We built our own networking protocol because those that were out there were never meant to transfer data streams like this. We avoid wrappers to make sure we have the lowest level access to your hardware APIs. We test and test and test to make sure our software is handling poor networking performance and variable bandwidth.”

Startup Bytes

Founder/Co-founders:  Vivek Vyas & Vimal Popat
Startup Focus:  memorial service, tribute service, obituaries,
Future Plans:  strategic tie ups with print media, affiliate marketing for users, city wise tied sales agencies
Startup stage and funding: bootstrapped and Gujarat government granted startup



Q&A with Vivek Vyas, Co founder –, Rajkot

1. How did you get started with the idea?

This is really an interesting story. The idea came in fluke while having snacks as the snacks were served on piece of newspaper obituary column page we felt bit disturbed and these as it looked so insulting to see tribute pages being used to serve snacks. We thought “can’t these be presented in some more respectable and presentable manner which also stays forever and can be accessed globally and be remembered and shared?” these questions gave birth to sole purpose was to maintain decorum of our ancestors.

2. The idea sounds unique. Who are your main competitors?  

Well yes, as far as we Indians are concerned the service is quite new however, similar service exists in countries like USA. You can say is one of the leaders in memorial and tribute market. The other one is again from USA. To be honest we don’t consider anyone as our competition. Be it online memorial services or print obituaries. All the mediums to pay respect and homage to our ancestors.

3. Who are the main customers of 

We have users from all parts of the world. Mainly from India, USA, UK and S. Africa.

4. How do you plan to address practical challenges?

That is correct, marketing has always remained a challenge. This is such a service which cannot be marketed aggressively, it requires great amount of care while thinking about any promotional or marketing activities as human emotions are strongly attached with this service.

5. What are your plans to go global?

We will be launching similar service on a different domain as shradhanjali is the term only Indians can associate and understand. But there is a huge need for such service globally hence, in a quarter or two we will be launching the similar service for global users.

6. Tell us about your business model. Where do you see yourselves in a year?

It is a simple paid subscription model, users pay a fixed sum for a fixed tenure of the service. For example, a 1 year subscription runs at INR 999 and 5 years INR 3999. Post which none of the profiles will be deleted we will only limit the editing control from user dashboard.

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