Startup of the Week : Crowd Talk Hotlist Show

This week we feature an upcoming podcast -Crowd Talk Hotlist Show – focused on startups and entrepreneurs looking for crowdfunding support

The Crowd Talk Hotlist Show™ – Hear about exciting new companies talk about their crowdfunding

The passing of the American JOBS Act has opened the doors to equity crowdfunding in addition to rewards crowdfunding like Kickstarter, Indiegogo and GoFundMe.  Listen in and hear amazing stories and be the first to invest in or support the next great companies in the US and the world.

Tune in to the podcast to listen to host Kendall Almerico interview the most exciting new companies in the world as they talk about their crowdfunding campaigns and learn how you can now get in on the ground floor as an investor or supporter. You will also hear compelling interviews from some of the most successful crowdfunding campaigns in the history of the crowdfunding like BrewDog who have raised over $50,000,000 globally and are still going!.

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Crowd Talk –  Podcast on crowdfunding and startups.  The most important thing about crowdfunding is getting the word. Crowd Talk does it with innovative partnerships with VoiceAmerica, a key differentiating factor for the show.
Co-founder: Kendall Almerico
Startup Focus: The most important thing about crowdfunding is getting the word out. The show helps in just this!
Future Plans:  We plan to build a network of crowdfunding related shows through VoiceAmerica.
Startup stage and funding: Early stage, bootstrapped.

Q&A: Interview with Kendall Almerico, Co-founder at Crowd Talk Hotlist Show

How did you get started with the idea?

I have an extensive background in talk radio, both on air and behind the scenes. As one of the foremost experts in the crowdfunding world, I have often thought a great fit existed if I could pair the in-depth quality of a great talk radio interview with the excitement, visually and viscerally, of a great crowdfunding campaign. I was given the opportunity to put these two worlds together with a phenomenal partner in VoiceAmerica, the leading online broadcaster of live and on demand talk radio programming worldwide with a domestic and international audience of millions of listeners every month in more than 140 countries worldwide. We have combined forces, and the result is the show!

The idea sounds interesting. Who are your main competitors?

There really are no direct competitors. Indirectly, people promoting crowdfunding campaigns and offerings use a lot of different marketing techniques, and the goal is always to get as many people aware as possible. But most other marketing avenues are limited. Twitter only gives you 140 characters. A Facebook ad can only have so many words before it gets cut off. A crowdfunding video is usually only 1-2 minutes long. But with the Crowd Talk Hotlist Show, anyone running a crowdfunding campaign or offering gets at least a 10-minute segment to really explain, in their own words, what their campaign is about and to sell their concept the way they want. It is a great way to connect with an audience of potential supporters or investors.

Who are the main customers of Crowd Talk Hotlist Show?

The show is worldwide and  geared primarily to people and companies running crowdfunding campaigns, whether rewards-based such as on Indiegogo, or equity-based where they are actually selling stock like on BankRoll. But on the Crowd Talk Hotlist Show, we will also interview those who are involved in crowdfunding in other ways like the people behind the websites, those involved in the marketing, and others. We expect to build a large audience quickly not just through our quality programming, but also through the exciting companies and campaigns we will feature, and the vast network of existing VoiceAmerica listeners around the globe.

How do you plan to address practical challenges. For example, marketing and outreach is a challenge most startups face?

The beautiful thing about the Crowd Talk Hotlist Show is that every guest who comes on our show wants as many people as possible to hear their interview. The more people who hear them passionately describe their business or product and explain why they are using crowdfunding, the more donations or investments they will get. Successful crowdfunding is all about marketing and spreading the word. So, not only do we bring an audience to the table for each of our guests through VoiceAmerica, but each guest brings their audience to the table by promoting their interview to their crowd. It is a win-win for everyone involved.

What are your plans to go global?

The great news is, we are already global! VoiceAmerica is heard around the world, and crowdfuding is a global enterprise. One crowdfunding offering I am involved with had investors from more than 50 countries so far. Companies who are interviewed in the Crowd Talk Hotlist Show will get the opportunity to reach a global audience immediately, and to have their crowdfunding campaign or offering promoted to people in countries who may never set foot in America. Let’s remember, even the World Bank predicts that crowdfunding will be a $96 billion worldwide industry within a decade.

Tell us about your business model. Where do you see yourselves in a year?

The Crowd Talk Hotlist Show is just the start. We plan to build a network of crowdfunding related shows through VoiceAmerica. Imagine each funding portal or crowdfunding site having their own show featuring their own campaigns and offerings. Imagine themed shows relating to product crowdfunding, crowdfunding for women’s businesses or crowdfunding for films. The sky is the limit, and I could not be more excited to be a part of this as it launches.

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